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Mars 10 is designed for comfortable heavy duty operation on water, grown-over shallow water, sand shoals, snow and any other relatively flat surface, including loose snow, along rivers during ice drift and freeze-up.

Mars 10 platform is based on famous Mars 700 hovercraft. Since the new manufacturer took over the production it has faced a lot of enhancements designed together with Finnish Mars 700 hovercraft pilots and professional engineers. The main enhancement are in the skirt, hull cover, engine and thrust and lift coupling  systems making this hovercraft THE BEST available in commercial markets for professional operations having high open water and cross-country ability and can be used to provide remote settlements, passenger and freight traffic, protection of waters, and also as a service transport of law enforcement bodies.

Main advantages of Mars 10 hovercraft:

  • high speed;
  • range up to 750 km;
  • metal screw in a basic configuration with the DRC anti-icing system due to electric heating;
  • the presence of a reverse gear in the base configuration due to the reduction gear;
  • the presence of detachable protection of flexible fencing in the base configuration (removable soles);
  • optimal placement of the vessel’s center of gravity in comparison with analogues (the center of gravity of ACCP of other brands is shifted to the stern);
  • horizontal rudders in base configuration;
  • the presence of a closed bonnet and a high degree of availability of the engine for performing maintenance work;
  • three-column scheme of flexible fencing in the base configuration;
  • belt protection system, eliminating run out, vibration and providing a smooth start (overrunning clutches, flexible couplings);
  • passenger capacity of the boat – up to 10 passengers, including the boatmaster;
  • The metal case provides durability, and the lightweight fiberglass body has good heat and noise insulation;
  • the presence of two gull-wing doors along the sides of the craft;
  • dimensions of the craft allow it to be transported by trailer on public roads without any agreement with the traffic police;
  • modern design;
  • presence of the firm program of service and training of boatmasters.

The main advantage of our crafts is a higher level of reliability in comparison with analogues. This allows us, being the only one among the ACCs manufacturers, to provide a 2 year factory warranty.

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