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Kaiman-10 is an all-purpose Hovercraft.
It is designed to travel over various surfaces as water, ice, snow, water area during ice drifts etc. It can be deployed in extremely small ponds and mountain rivers.
ACV is capable to travel ashore. In the winter time it can be effectively used on ice and snow.
It is designed to provide all year round cargo/passenger transportation in river basins and coast areas, patrolling and river/sea rescue operations.


Length, Width (transportation), Height7.55 х 3.55 (2.45) х 2.75
Cabin Internal Dimensions (max)4.2 m х 1.7 m х 1.5 m
Propeller Diameter1940 mm
Dry Weight1350 kg (excl. options)
Payload1000 kg (incl. fuel)
Passenger CapacityMax.12 passengers. Interior options for 6 ,8, 10 and 12 passengers available.
HullFiberglass sandwich. Three sections with leak-tight bulkheads.
Aluminium bottom protection.
PropellerComposite, 4 or 6 blades, diameter 1940 mm.
SpeedMax. Speed: water 80 km/h
ice and packed snow 120 km/h
Cruising Speed: water 60 km/h
ice and packed snow 70 km/h.
(Max. speed is dependant on weather and operation platform condition)
Propulsion System Description
The hovercraft is equipped with two gasoline four-stroke engines Subaru and Kawasaki. The main engine is designed to provide traveling; the auxiliary engine creates air cushion under the hovercraft. Each engine speed is controlled independently. Enclosed gear reducer is used as a transmission.
Thrust EngineSubaru EZ36D 250 HP, a Boxer gasoline 4-stroke injection liquid-cooled engine.
Air Cushion Lift EngineKawasaki 37 HP, V2 gasoline 4-stroke air-cooled engine.
Flexible Skirt Description
The hovercraft has inflatable balloons and a built-in electric pump to inflate them.
The flexible skirt is made of industrial fabrics capable to withstand low temperatures down to -50°С; the density is 1150 g/m and the tensile strength is 7000 N per 5 cm. Sliding surface contact area is secured from abrasion by PU sheets or bolt mounted scaled PE 1000 plates (a winter version).
Clearance0.3-0.5 m (depending on a skirt type)
A fuel system is duplicated: two tanks, two fuel pumps, button selection.
Fuel & ConsumptionEuro-92, Euro-95 gasoline, 0.4-1.0 l/km consumption.
Fuel Tank Capacity2 х 100L or 2 х 150L (option), 2 х 250L (option) Consumption 0,5 to 1 L/km
Air SystemBravo Turbomax built-in pump to inflate balloons.
TransportationBoat can be transported using a biaxial trailer/flat-car, truck, boom-truck or 40 ft container.