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Slavir 5


starting at 48 500 € / EXW Helsinki


Slavir Hovercrafts are manufactured by Ambhibious Technics Ltd. in Nizhniy Novgorod, Russia. Slavir type 5 is the smallest craft in Slavir fleet and providing the best value for money on commercial hovercraft markets today !

Slavir 5 is the most sold full cabin hovercraft in a world. She has been manufactured since 2003 and over 300 ships have been delivered. The ship is used by several  rescue services like Emercon  for the river patrolling of water bodies, taxi companies and families for travelling summer houses, fishing and for other recreational activities.

She is safe, very easy to operate on ice, snow and water and easy to load and unload to trailer alone by your shelf.

Length Overall       5.55 /5,80m
Width Overall         2.05/3,00m
Height Overall       1.65/2,00m

Clearance                      0,35m
Max. wave height         0,3m                                                                                 Passenger Capacity    5pax or 600kg
Boat’s Dry Weight        750kg

Top Speed km/h                    

– Ice and packed snow             90
– Water                                       75
– land (gras and sand)              50

Fuel Consumption at 60 km/h
24 – 30 l/h (RON 95)
Fuel Tank’s Capacity     100 liter 

ECU driven 4cyl. boxer EFI, 140hp